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For an insight in my doings, I'm involved in installation & support of SQL Server, performance optimization, virtualization & consolidation. At times into designing databases, more often with trouble shooting. Have automated some of the key tasks using DMO/SMO with VB script & powershell; leading to savings for a few professional tools. As with most DBA's I do all back-up / recovery for my bread & butter, while for high availablity I've implimented mirroring, replication & Log shipping as applicable with or without clusters. Doing SSIS for ETL as dataprovider.

SQL Server Service Names

Ver # Common Name Service Display Name Service Name Executable Name SQL Server 7 Distributed Transaction Coordinator Distributed Transaction Coordinator MSDTC msdtc.exe SQL Server MSSQLServer MSSQLServer sqlservr.exe SQL Server Agent SQLServerAgent SQLServerAgent sqlagent.exe SQL Server Analysis Services MSSQLServerOLAPService MSSQLServerOLAPService msmdsrv.exe … Continue reading

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Ports used by SQL Server

Service Type Port# Comments SQL Default Instance TCP 1433   SQL Named Instance TCP     SQL DAC TCP 1434 By default, remote connections to the Dedicated Administrator Connection are disabled. Port 1434 for the default instance. Other ports are … Continue reading

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Recover SQL 2000 from available backups.

Box was toast and database backups was what we had. To get this instance online we used a new box, renamed as like first, installed SQL server with same patch level however disk subsystem could not be mapped same way. … Continue reading

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Perfmon Counters a few

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Ms SQL Server TraceFlags

During the course of days I’ve come across cases from where I learnt about these numbers & their purpose; certainly do let me know for any corrections that I may have missed out. Here is a list of trace flags … Continue reading

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